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Explanation of symbols for Venus and Eve

Birth of Venus: I used this famous picture by Botticelli since I had a dream which was almost exactly like it.  In my dream, a lobster with bandaged claws is trying to forage for food in a semicircular garbage bin.  Obviously, it is incapable of picking up any food with its bandaged claws.  Suddenly, the lobster's shell breaks open and a 12-foot high naked woman is now standing in the garbage bin where the lobster had been a moment before.

This dream represents how the feminine has not been able to nourish itself in this society. The garbage bin means that feminine qualities had been discarded in the garbage.  But when a hard shell which has kept the feminine "in place" for centuries is broken, a powerful woman is able to emerge.  I think the dream means that the power and creativity of the feminine have been regarded as garbage, denigrated for centuries, and unacknowledged.  These feminine qualities have been treated superficially by society.  But now is the time when the feminine will be reborn. 

I call the woman in the first part of this dream, Venus or Aphrodite.

The dream continues with the woman I call Venus becoming Eve as she enters an on...

Eve entering an apple: When Venus leaves the garbage bin, she walks at the edge of a sea at night over to a large apple.  At this point in the dream, I call this woman Eve.  Eve enters the apple and she goes on a journey across the sea.  The Pleiades are low in the sky and therefore they appear much larger than usual.  I found out that in ancient Greek times the rising of the Pleiades over the water signified the time of harvest.  People would go out on their boats to reap the harvest from the waters.  So I think now is the time for the feminine to reap the harvest of manifesting fully in the world.

Venus and Eve:  If you read the two sections above, you will now see why I called my web site "Venus and Eve".  I think there is great compassion in Venus which men and women in tune with the feminine possess and which the world needs.  I also think that the second chakra in women (just below the navel) is not only a place of sexuality but it is also a place of creativity and power.  I believe that the denigration or superficial treatment of women as sexual objects has also denigrated or suppressed women's creativity and power.  It has been society's fear of that power which has kept feminine power repressed for centuries.  I believe that my dream shows a rebirth, a reawakening of the feminine in the Venus qualities of love, power, creativity, and passion as well as the Eve qualities of an ancient knowledge in women's psyches which has risen to the surface in this new millennium.  Eve also represents the intuitional knowledge, the intellectual knowledge, and the emotional knowledge which are contained in the feminine.  Business and technological knowledge must be balanced and complemented by the ancient knowledge which the feminine possesses. 

I see the conjunction of these two very different types of knowledge, the intellectual and the intuitional, becoming a strong foundation gives us the wisdom and knowledge we need now in order to effect change in a patriarchal, hierarchical society.  And it is the magnificent combination of Venus and Eve attributes in women which places women in a very important role now in this new millennium.  Feminine perspectives, if expressed and acted upon, can effect revolutionary change for the better in today's world. is committed to creating a place and time where individual voices can be heard.

Solar Eclipse:  In a dream, I saw a solar eclipse rising in the west over San Francisco.  The black moon superimposed on the sun resulted in stunning rays of light shooting out in all directions from the conjunction of these two celestial bodies.  The black color and the moon both represent the feminine to me.  The sun represents the masculine to me.  (Please note that I purposely do not use the words 'male' and 'female' since men and women have both masculine and feminine qualities in each of them.  I think it is very significant that the feminine is eclipsing the masculine.  The masculine is not destroyed; it is occluded for awhile.  A voice in the dream announces that, "It is not a collision; it is a conjunction!"  Since the eclipse is rising on the west, I think an incredible wave of feminine energy will rise like we have never seen it before. In my dream, there are many working people dressed in suits, men and women, waiting on a hill in San Francisco to glimpse this fantastic phenomena.  I know they are thirsty for the effects that the feminine influence will bring them.

Summary: It is because of these three dreams (see Dreams Message Board, "Enslaved women" for the third dream) and because of my personal experiences in technological workplaces that I have founded Venus and Eve.  The feminine must be expressed and validated now on a grand scale!  Look around at all the women's circles which are forming, the web sites and businesses started by women, what women speakers and writers are saying.  Something is happening on a large scale.  Women must express themselves and participate in order for this new wave of feminine energy to grow.  Venus and Eve is my encouragement to women to participate in influencing technology and the workplace with feminine energy.

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