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A place for the birth of the feminine in men and women
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About Us

I founded in August, 2001 for men and women to gather together in discussion circles to express their ideas about how feminine qualities can be heard and to provide a place where ideas from the feminine are allowed.  Some feminine qualites are: trusting intuition, maintaining compassionate values, preferring team work over autocratic ways, and fostering open communication.

Feminine perspectives are needed today  in order to help humanity.  Men also possess feminine traits but due to societal conditioning sometimes these traits are dormant.  With the advent of the decentralization of business/political power as influenced by the impact of the Internet, individuals are gaining more power.  I believe the future lies in the hands of groups and networks of groups formed by individuals.  The era of of top-down, hierarchical structures is in transition. Men and women who possess feminine skills are ideal to form these new non-hierarchical networks and to infuse these networks with feminine values which we have not seen in this patriarchal culture for centuries.

Come join me in this discovery of the influence which men and women naturally have but which has been suppressed for centuries.  Let's discover our voices together!



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